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Day 4: November 9, 2017

  • Caroline Stahlschmidt, MSN, FNLP, CHHC

    Caroline Stahlschmidt, MSN, FNLP, CHHC

    Core Basics for Managing Hashimoto’s

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  • Keira L. Barr, MD

    Keira L. Barr, MD

    The Power of Movement and Exercise

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  • Mickey Trescott, NTP

    Mickey Trescott, NTP

    Autoimmune Protocol Recipe Demonstrations

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  • Kim D’Eramo, DO

    Kim D’Eramo, DO

    The ABCs of MindBody

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  • Eileen Laird

    Eileen Laird

    Being in a Healthy Partnership with Your Diet

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  • Magdalena Wszelaki

    Magdalena Wszelaki

    Using Hashimoto's to Gain Support from Friends and Family

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